Wednesday, April 26, 2006

News Review 2: Robot Piss.

From the Times bulletin T2:

Budweiser wants beer drinkers to think more laterally — about dropping cherries into its brews, for instance. “We’re letting customers personalise and individualise their beer,” said Pat McGauley, a company spokesman (thanks for the permission!). The company hopes that ideas such as the “orangutang”, which is Bud and orange juice, take off to boost flat sales.

They could start by maybe creating a beer that doesn't taste like robot's piss served up in a recepticle looks like a robot's poo. This idea from Buweiser* is really condescending but hilariously highlights how shit their beer is, it's like they're saying look, we know it's shit but it's up to you to mask the taste with something nicer, mmm what about adding lots Jamesons.

*That the fuck! you've got to be over 21 just to visit their Web site, does it's exude alcohol vapors once you log on?

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