Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back to the auld sink rinky dink....

It may be shite work, it may be hard work, but if you have kitchen experience you'll never be short of a job or a few extra shifts. The pub I work in does sunday roasts and last sunday I found myself back doing a kitchen porter shift. It's weird after over six months I still got quickly into the rhythm of kitchen work along with the angst and pulling faces when someone asks you to do stuff that's unrelated to washing dishes, not because you don't particulary want to do the other stuff, it's just that no one understands that if you don't keep washing dishes everyone's fucked but because your job is perceived as invisible they don't let you get on with it.

Anyway it was a good laugh to do it for a shift and not be trapped at the kitchen sink for six months. I forgot the fun of walking home lokking like you've pissed yourself becuase your covered in cold water from above four kness to below your nippets. Male readers may know the effect of cold water, it creates a sympton know as 'sink riny dink' where it almost disappears into your abdomen, and you have the coax the little fella out with booze and porn, well that's my excuse anyway.

If anyone is keeping track(i know i'm not) , here's a post of when I last last started kitchen porter work and here's a bookend post of when I quit my last ktchen portering job after lots of Jimmny whining of getting wet and being treated like shite (oh and narrowly missing getting fired by a manger woman who had the horn for firing poor smucks like your's truly*).

*Despite the fact that I've left the that place the manger woman still doesn't talk to me, I still get on really well with everyone else in the place apart from her and occasionally call round. I recently called in to the place and checked the kitchen wasn't busy before I called in, despite the fact that she hadn't been in the kitchen all day she just happens to come into the kitchen when I'm there and gives me a bollicking because I'm not insured to be there and then gave all the kitchen guys a bollicking as well, that's what you get for calling into see friends....

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