Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wonder Woman Casting

If you haven't heard yet, it has been annouced that Morena Baccarin will play Wonder Woman in Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman film adaptation (props to the amazing HH making sure I mentioned this and that monkey PK for sending me the above pic). Although checking imdb, her statue has gone from "announced" a few weeks ago to "rumored" so who know?

I think Baccarin's a great choice, she'd got the geek kudos from Firefly and Serenity and even steels a film in her bit park in Rodger Dodger, she's also born in Rio so has proper Amazonian roots and I think can carry off hard-assed action and naive that suits Wonder Woman. I wish Hollywood had the guts to cast Gina Torres though, and a strange part of my being thinks Chyna would do a good job.

Although you can't go wrong with this great Wonder Woman fan film "Battle for Justice"


Fence said...

I don't think it is official yet is it? Just a rumour.

Personally I don't think she'd be right for the part. Her action parts in Serenity were quite weak.

Gina Torres would make a great WW though.

Caddy Powers Jr said...

I think it will be either her or complete unknown but I'm leaning towards her (plus have been saying this since I heard Joss would be directing).

I think Baccarin probably is the cloest thing possible to what WW should look like (particularly her facial features) plus Whedon likes using actors who he likes over and over again (and he seems to apreciate her) so I can see why she has been heavily rumoured but I, like Fence above me, am not one hundred percent convinced on her acting.

Still her fighting in Serenity was at best heavily cut and edited plus was never the main focus of Joss Whedon in that film, Baccarin, given the full focus of director, stun coordinator and camercamen may well be able to pull of action scenes.

Besides WW is more about being able to be enspiring / Godly over direct fighting so it is the real acting that I am truely worried about

My Friend, the Nuge, also had mentioned Gina Torres. I would have thought it an interesting move but acknowledge myself as the one straight man on planet Earth who is totally apathetic over the beautiful Mrs Fishbourne. Therefore I'm rather glad for Hollywoods lack of Bravery on this one.

As for Chyna ... maybe (and I put emphasis on the maybe) ten years ago but now she is so washed out. The Howard Stern show where she melted down should be enough to cancel any fan boy attachment.