Monday, August 21, 2006

Freeview follies...

With freeview one is only one minor micro nudge to wasting at least another hour with repeats and guff but I do like:

Quantum Leap, the Lost of its day perhaps? when will poor Sam get home, who knows? but it doesn't stop him jumping into Lee Harvey Oswald or Marilyn Monrue's chuaffuer, thanks be to christ they wrote in that whole 'can only leap into times within his own lifetime' stuff or they would have him jumping into Hitler just as he's about to sign some Auschwitz thing, and Sam would go 'oh boy!' and then Al would pop up and say he was in Auschwitz and he knew where some door was and Sam would be there going 'But Al, maybe I'm here to stop Hitler doing bad things?'

8 Simple Rules I love the fact thev'e ditched the whole (for Dating my teenage daughter) subtitle, (come on, it's not Sledge Hammer!: The Early Years) this abbreviation makes it easy for me to come up more interesting subtitles in my wee noggin like 8 Simple Rules (for riding my teenage daughter) and 8 Simple Rules (for diddling with my daughter) etc., you get the gist. What the fuck are these rules anyway?

1. Wear a leather biker jacket to seem cool.
2. Be sexual in a strictly nonthreatening way
3. Fancy the blonde one and then decide you prefer a bit of ginger.
4. Not say anything to Lela from Futurama about her dead husband (the one who isn't Locke or Ed O'Neill).
5. Make a mildly suggestive face when you appear at the door.
6. Think that you might fancy a bit of blond or ginger but then vear more towards the mature charms of the Segal for comedic purposes for one episode.
7. Use dating 'the teenage daughter' as a ploy to get closer to the pre-teenage son.
8. Arrive masturabting at the door and hit poor John Ritter/James Garner/David Spade/whatever father figure they've cast this season square in the pupil...

I see now why I never actually picked a lady up from her house for a 'date' in my so called youth.

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