Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More Media Whoredom imminent

After my bit on BBC Three's When Comedy Changed Forever* and then the Woman's Hour thing on female superheroes and a bit on NewsTalk106 FM's Sean Moncrieff's show, I am going to London in about 3 hours (5.45am bus!) to be on Channel four radio's Lost show with Iain Lee.

It's a good show, I hope I can be 'Lost obessive' enough to contribute, whatever, it's an excuse to go London where I'll be checking out the Notting Hill Comic and Book Exchange (recommended by my bro Dr. Fabian Ironside )and Mega City Comics in Camden and of course a wee perverted look around SoHo like my previous London trips.

*These guys from Murfia Productions came to Norwich and interviewed me in my room, if you've ever been allowed in the 'batcave' this is a brave move, for about an hour and a half in what I thought was a great bit on how much Vic and Bob meant to me and my friend and their place in alternative comedy. When I was finished, the cameraman goes 'Is that an Oscar (c) ?' I went why no, it's an erotic bronze depicting cunnilingus....this may have meant that the bit was never used, but I will never know because I didn't see it because I didn't have freeview at the time and I didn't know anyone whose seen it all the way through.

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danger said...

Sounds good; best of luck with the trip!