Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lorcy on Lost with Lee

As mentioned earlier, I got to do a great podcast for Channel 4 Radio with Iain Lee the other week. It's up on the site now! check it out, you can either listen as a streaming mp3 or download it in iTunes by subscribing with the bit of code on the 4Radio site. It was a funny and bizarre day after surviving sleep-deprived bus lust, the studio The Sound Company was well cool with big silver ashtrays that weren't just decoration, although the copious Amber Leafs and black coffees did not help my vocal 'stylings'.

It's on episode 20 'Two for the Road' which was a great episode to talk about.

Everyone was really cool, the producer Annabel, Iain Lee, Paul the editor of The Lost Magazine and the cantankerous 'Geeky Tom'. You no doubt know Lee from seminal The 11 O'Clock Show. He currently does Celebrity Soup on E! and a show on LBC, he also has a blog


Sinead said...

Hey Chiefey,

Loving your radio slot, it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun.

I'm heading for some festival fun this weekend down at the Leccy Picnic. Looking forward to kicking and gouging in some mud, blood and beer.

Hope all's well.


Lorcy said...

hiya sinead thanks for listening to the podcast yoke, it was quite fun and an excuse for me to buy cheap comics in notting hill hooray was tiring getting from norwich to london and back again in one day sucks. hope the leccy picnic goes well, impressed by bella's song on the site, maybe some day she will be at the electric picnic!

clamnuts said...

Gah! How do I download it? the firewall or something here isn't letting me. Have you got a login you can mail me? Get my flarn package?