Thursday, August 31, 2006

Delirious lust bus boink

So last week I went over to London to do a Lost with Iain Lee, details above. I worked Monday night in the Rose and got the 5.45 bus from Norwich's futuristic bus station to get to central London. Unfortunately, this ridicious hour of the morning often entails the auld monring horn, which is dangerous affliction to have in public. This is exentuated by my views of hot fashionable London ladies, I kept boinking my head against the window in delirious lust. I saw a lady who was wearing a velour hodded cat suit and a bara, that was it! and this was at like 9am. I had to text top bros Bad Brute and Bob Bobbity Clamnuts for advice:

Badbrute: "Get a shot of you and the Lee for the blog, and leave the babymothers alone with your ravenous gaze"


Bob Clamnuts:" Fake arm in ur coat, real hand down the trews"....

Buying The Vice Guide to Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll hasn't helped either...

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