Friday, August 11, 2006

Don't forget!: go fuck yourselves!...

Our university intranet's current front page always gives me a laugh:

"DON'T FORGET! Exclusive use of Zest for conferences from July 1 to September 9. July 1 to September 9 Full details of opening times are displayed in all the catering units."*

This cunting thing happens every summer, the university hires out the main cheap hot food canteen for sole use of voucher-carrying conference attendees. Literally, our scant money is not good enough for them. You can't go in with money and buy a meal, you have to have a voucher. So you're getting into a world of pain financially and emotionally (I know I know there are lots of good bits, but go with for the purposes of the next few lines) and then you can't even eat at the place where you are studying because the college is preferring the package-holiday style business of conferences over their own students.

*or resturants as we used call them in my day, i.e. a few years ago.

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