Sunday, August 06, 2006

V for Value search: with guest poster: Lorcy the Consumer Monkey.

My misadventures at buying V for Vendetta on DVD in the form of Morrissey the Consumer Monkey. (The following post refers to Vic Reeves Big Night Out, but the reference is not absolutely necessary as I think putting my face on a toy monkey is funny enough?).

Jimmny: Oh hello, my little investigative chum, you've been trying to buy a film today.
Lorcy The Consumer Monkey: Oh hello Mr. Jimmny, yes I have been trying to buy a film I thought I wouldn't like but then I saw it and I love it now it's called V for Vendetta.
Jimmny: So what's it's about?
Lorcy the Consumer Monkey: It's about this bloke in a mask that blows up buildings and that and kipnaps a lovely lady and shaves her head but she don't mind coz like he's got loads of books and that he uses alliteration and stuff.
Jimmny: I can see how that might appeal.
Lorcy the Consumer Monkey: Yes it does appeal Mr. Jim so I had to buy it really early after it came out even though it'll be about 2p in HMV in a couple of months.
Jimmny: so anyway do the consumer bit, how much did is cost.
Lorcy the Consumer Monkey: Well it's an interesting story Mr. Jim, interesting to me at any rate coz it was like loads of different prices for no apparent reasoon.
Jimmny: well get on with Lorcy so I can get to bed and cease with this tiresome charade.
Lorcy the Consumer Monkey: Ok Mr. Jim, well in HMV the one disc version was 15.95 and the two disc version (excuslive) was 19.99, in Virgin the one disc version (and they only had one in stock) was 19.99. In WH Smith it was 13.97 for the one disc version and in Borders it was 15.99.
Jimmny: So where did you get it then...
Lorcy the Consumer Monkey: Well in Tescos of course, for 12.97 and spent the rest on wine and padded envelopes to send some books about cats back to to my mam.
Jimmny: So this whole post is all about you buying a DVD after walking all around Norwich?
Lorcy the Consumer Monkey:Well yes Mr. Jim I got to look at some microgoths and got some comics out of the Forum on the way like.
Jimmny: God I hope there's something more entertaining coming up on Novelty Island.
Lorcy the Consumer Monkey: So do I see ya now, byeee, I'm off to watch V for Vendetta see ya byeee....

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Roger Simian said...

Howdo, Mr Lorcan? I can't get into my MySpace email for some reason. I also tried leaving a comment but it never showed up. Humbug! There's obviously some kind of sinister MySpace malfunction shenanigans going on. Thank ye kindly for adding those vids to the Blog.

I was just watching the Vic Reeves Big Night Out the other day. Did you ever see the pilot they did for a channel 4 sitcom (just before they moved to BBC) called The Weekenders? It was magic.