Friday, August 04, 2006

Do do do doooo do.plink. Freeview follies

If you couldn't guess, above is my typographical rendition to the theme of Dream On. Along with Sledge Hammer, Dream On was one of my favourite shows from a misspent youth of being a TV-junkie teen and not just because it occasionally showed bosumed and fostered my bizarre chrush on Wendie Malick (she 56 now! and in Just Shoot Me! a rare programme that echoes the thoughts of its viewers). Anyway Dream On was a great show where in a pre-Ally McBeal stylee main character Martin Tupper's emotions were represented via vintage TV and movie clips. Badbrute has a particular love of the wee cowboy jumping up and down firing his six-shooters and going yeehah! to denote arousal. There were even immiators not only miss McBeal but Herman's Head with Yeardley Smith lattery Lisa Simpson in the role of the sardonic secretarty.

Freeview is like crack though, a friend 'EB' has just moved into the house and bestowed on our house of geek a freeview box, handing that remote to me is like allowing a crack addict to live in that drug factory that Robocop blows the shit out of. Not only repeats of Lost but Curb your Enthusiasm and The Daily Show. I finally get to see Charlie Brooker's Screen Wipe which is great, YouTube is groaning with Brooker but see above for the first bit of the first episode. Only on TV tonight, Time Trumpet has already made it as it has garnered a You Tube Spoof!

Hey it's not all drek, the Mark Lawson interview with Clive James led me to CliveJames.Com where his 'In the Library' Web-interview series is an amazing online streaming interview series filmed direct from his library.

And the amazing Emily Bouff is still on TV (one of the presenters of Bits the best video game show on TV ever!), unfortunately it's on Quiz Night someoen save Bouff! she should be spearheading Channel 4 comedy or something by now!!


Caddy Powers Jr said...

I remember loving Dream On at the time but having seen it recently was surprised at how, well, dated it was.

Sledge Hammer, however, I am ashamed to say still makes me laugh. Something about having the season cliff hanger (a nculear bomb -previously stolen by bikini clad terrorits - detonating) being resolved by just claiming the show was now set a couple of years before was hilarious.

Sheer class

clamnuts said...

Dream on really dates badly,I love it but I found an old VHS a few years ago and was shocked at how iffy it was. Great smut in it though. I was such a multi channel tv snob until I found all the good channels. Ultimate Fighting is the best tv out there.