Saturday, June 23, 2007

Big Brother, more sexist than racist, who'da thunk it.

I was thinking of Big Brother, recently, and how I watched the first few episodes but have not, as of yet, got suckered into it. Bizarrely, even though I never really watched Big Brother 2005 I was thinking about Makosi recently, you know, I don't need an excuse, I just think about Makosi quite regularly, she was anomaly in that she was an African-born contestant that did pretty well (she came third), and it made me question the racist/sexist bias of contemporary British society.

You see, I always had this trusim in my head that the black or asian women always got voted off first, but then I thought I'll go and investigate (well look on wikipedia, if you can call that investigate) and found some interesting results when analyzing which person was the first to leave the Big Brother house (don't say fuck or bugger) :

2000: Year One: Sada: Female, White

2001: Year Two: Penny: Female, White

2002: Year Three: Lynne :Female, White

2003: Year Four: Anouska: Female, White

2004: Year Five: Kitten: Female, White

2005: Year Six: Mary: Female, White

2006: Year Seven: Bonnie: Female, White.

So there you have it, Britain, not as racist as I thought, but still sexist. Wikipedia comments on this as 'Coincidentally, the first evictee of every season has been female', yeah coincidentally.

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