Friday, June 08, 2007

I vuw you, you little bear you....

Perhaps in a similar vein to this post, once again the military minded in America take things from demented geek fantasies and make them horrible realities. Hey, let's not try and figure out foreign policy or world politics we'll just build a robot and everything will be alright. In a world where people die of starvation for the sake of like 15 pence each or something, how much did this fuckbot cost? We'll risk soldiers, but we can't risk doctors and nurses? send a bearbot in! Not only that but some military fucko got paid to stay in an office simply to match an Achcronym with BEAR! He probably got paid more than you or I will ever see in three lifetimes!

p.s. why aren't we on Mars, and beyond yet?

p.p.s why can they only save Action Men? (G.I. Joes for our U.S. readers, if any)

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