Monday, June 11, 2007

"I didn't kill him, I allowed him to die" The Genius of Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling

Ever since I got me we ippository yoke, one of the mainstays of any playlist and something I just cannot stop listening to is Christopher Morris and Peter Cook's improvised Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling interview series Why Bother? wiki entry here. Morris:

"It was a very different style of improvisation from what I'd been used to, working with people like Steve Coogan, Doon Mackichan and Rebecca Front, because those On the Hour and The Day Today things were about trying to establish a character within a situation, and Peter Cook was really doing 'knight's move' and 'double knight's move' thinking to construct jokes or ridiculous scenes flipping back on themselves, and it was amazing. I mean, I held out no great hopes that he wouldn't be a boozy old sack of lard with his hair falling out and scarcely able to get a sentence out, because he hadn't given much evidence that that wouldn't be the case. But, in fact, he stumbled in with a Safeways bag full of Kestrel lager and loads of fags and then proceeded to skip about mentally with the agility of a grasshopper. Really quite extraordinary."

From a detailed interview about it with Morris here, from the same great site: Greebling's Life in Pieces and the Sven phonecalls.

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its absolute comic perfection