Friday, June 15, 2007

Toy Story meets Kurt Vonnegut?

I don't mention reelfanatic enough, it's a great blog that I have to visit sparingly because I end up spending too much time gording on stateside film news nuggets, his post on Pixar's production for the next three years makes very interesting reading, I especially love the sound of Wall-E, from Jim Hill:

The year is 2700. Planet Earth is one giant trash heap, and an incompetent corporation called Buynlarge has the contract to clean up the mess. Buynlarge sent thousands of robots, called Waste Allocation Load Lifters - Earth Class, to do the job but unfortunately they all broke down over the past 700 years. Save for one.The last robot has developed a few bugs of his own. This Wall-E became self-aware and curious about humans. He, along with his pet cockroach Spot, has amassed a bizarre collection of human artifacts including a VCR and a VHS tape of Hello Dolly!, which he watches incessantly. Wall-E toils away at his thankless (and endless) job until another robot, named Eve, suddenly arrives. Wall-E follows this new robot around like a little puppy and, when she finally leaves Earth, he finds a way to tag along. Which is where the real fun starts.


Reel Fanatic said...

Thanks for the recognition! ... Animated flicks as a whole are starting to just sadly look a whole lot alike, but I always have time for Pixar's stuff

trollop23 said...

There's a remarable Short Circuit-esque look to that robot.
The movie looks pretty damn cool, though.