Thursday, June 14, 2007

In heaven, everything is fine.....

The dweebness abides, when you (i.e. me) go to the local library the forum and think, hmm what will I watch to enjoy myself, you know for the laugh, and I think yaay let's watch some nerdy movies about other movies.

A couple of weeks ago I watched This Film is Not Yet Rated which is a great film, but makes little sense outside the UK. You see in the UK, the censorship body is the BBFC you can ring them up if you want to and like, write to them and everything if you feel some shite zombie alien attack porn movie got and 18 when you thought it should be 15 or something. I mean when I was growing up James Ferman was never off the TV talking about about how this bosum could be in a movie but this one couldn't etc. But apparently, in the United States, they're a secretive, puritan, Christian bunch, (who'd a thunk it!) Anyway, this is a good movie pointing out the secretiveness of the MPAA and it's contradictory nature, ie you can kill what you want on screen but try fucking what you want...oooh boy! they don't like that.

Also Kirby Dick, although he's got a perfectly good documentary on his hands trys to make it into some sort of bargain-basement Columbo episode by getting a lesbian PI to try and find out who the MPAA folks are. And then, oh wow how pomo is this they send the MPAA documentary into the MPAA! I wonder what rating it got!? (well R, it says it on the box), what sort of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory shit is that? And then I had many adventures in the chocolate factory and I wrote them all down....and that is the book you've just read . But it is good, but not as amazing as...

Midnight Movies

Now we're talkin' a straightforward, lovely, well-made documentary with clips and interviews about these sort of movies, end of story no pomo bad detective work. For me it was like a blast from the past when channel four was all about late night movies, not serious pockets of humanity, check it out, would you not like to see a documentary about:

El Topo
Night of the Living Dead you can watch it here
Pink Flamingos
The Harder They Come*
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Apart from El Topo, maybe, we are all prety used to seeing clips from the other movies, but whenever the first little clip of Eraserhead came up myself and my housemate more or less said oh fuck here it comes...I was thinking out loud, how could you even make a film like Eraserhead nowadays? They were right to put it at the very end of the movie, plus the dvd comes complete with public domain faves Night of The Living Dead and Reefer Madness hey they're public domain! we could remake them, like now! in Norwich! well, give us a shout if you're ever interested, it might not be movie magic, but at least it'd be fun.

*I've just pumped my ipod up with Jimmy Cliff, why? cause I love Jimmy Cliff...and I also had a one night stand once in Belfast with a lovely Japanese girl who loved Jimmy Cliff, Neon Genesis Evangelion and red wine...high five...

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trollop23 said...

El Topo!?!?
Now I officially know three people who have heard of Alejandro Jodorowsky - nice.
Enjoy the Jimmy Cliff tunage and the tender/lascivious memories assocaited with his crooning!