Friday, June 08, 2007

Smart Woman versus Jon Bon Jovi....he really is slippery when wet....

....If by 'slippery' you mean mental, and by 'wet' you mean questioned.....

Things Jon Bon Jovi Has ruined for the rest of us: 1. Having Superman tattoos, having a face and grabbing your crotch, thanks, you slippery when wet fucknut.

Hannah Pool is one of the few journalists that actually asks celebrities real questions beyond, 'hey tell us about your new book' etc. She actually asks them real questions, especially about feminism to the usual pop/film/tv starlet dujour with hilarious results, but nothing can compare with her encounter with an 'am I bovvered' 15-year-old, aka Jon Bon Jovi some highlights, darlin'...

Your music is often defined as soft rock or rock light. How do you feel about that?
You can call it whatever you want - it's Bon Jovi. {yes, but some might call it shite}
Is that people being snobby?
It's not for me to decide what someone's perception is, darlin', it's theirs. {darlin'?! does he know who he's talkin' to?}

[TWO questions in and he's already getting shirty, but you ain't seen nothing yet]

Do you care what reviewers think?
Is that what this interview is about?
I have a whole load of questions.
Move on.
Don't get like that.
OK. I didn't mean to upset you.
You're not upsetting me. Don't belittle yourself. If you want to talk about music, let's talk.
[take these really simple unloaded little questions he can barely even muster a civil response to:]

Is the rock industry sexist?
I don't give it much thought. I can't comment.
You must have female friends who are musicians?
I can't comment on that.
[so you simply cannot say, JBJ, if you even have a female musician friend, what in sweet feck is going on?...]

I nearly fell off my chair with this bit:

Do you carbon offset your gigs?
We do that.
Do you have to make sacrifices to do it?
You have to write a cheque. You're a lot more conscious of the amount of trucks you use and the opportunities to do things better. We wrote a cheque, we took care of our footprint and raised awareness, blah blah blah, and I've bought a hybrid.

{blah blah blah, whatever, I'm a rock star stop asking me hard questions smart woman, I've got a superman tattoo and everything and I sang 'livin' on a prayer, are you not impressed darlin'? It's like he's so convinced he is irresistable to all women ever but in Hannah Pool he's found his kryptonite, in your face Jovi, whose living on a prayer now! }


Anonymous said...

Here questions where shallow and unimaginative. No wonder she got those kind of answers

Mama en Fuego said...

I think perhaps Annon would like to suck the sweat of JBJ's balls.

If Bon Jovi is such a maverick one would think he would be a bit more suave about answering "shallow and unimaginative" questions.

Anonymous said...

Ask stupid questions, get stupid answers. Your interviewing a legend, and all you can ask is if the industry is sexist? Who the hell cares what he thinks about that anyway? It's an interview - ask about HIM, his life, his band, his music, not the industry in general. A good interviewer knows how to elicit good responses.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I mean, honestly, what sort of a question is "Do your concerts have carbon offsets??" If he'd said no, you would have been down his throat about him being a hypocrite who ruined the environment, and when he said yes you had to pester him to find something that you could diss him about. Face it, from the first word you were ready to jump to conclusions about him; don't blame the book if a reader takes a dislike to its cover.

Anonymous said...

JBJ is a jerk. This interview makes him sound like it anyway. I think the carbon emmisions question was a very good one. I'm sure that we're all paying more then the cost of his tickets with a damaged enviroment. Keep up the good work.

Abby said...

This is just bullcrap. She's a stupid reporter who asks stupid questions, who get's stupid answers! Don't be surprised!

Anonymous said...

No shit there were stupid answers, this "smart woman" is a fuckin' retard and should choose another profession because clearly being a reporter ain't working out for her.

JoviOneMoreTime said...

WTF??? Leave Him Alone, he was giving perfectly good answers for a stupid interview, there a few people out there who dont like him, and he has done so much for other people and the world. He Helped Build Houses In New Orleans, Gave A Million Dollar Check To Oprah So he could Help. And this is wat he gets? for a dumb interview, trust me there are soo many more of us who would defend him as they say 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Cant Be Wrong!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a journalist too (and a Bon Jovi fan) and it sounds like he is being an awkward so-and-so. You can suss a person out as soon as the interview starts, and I don't think the first question was particularly antagonistic.
I've interviewed folk like Ian Gillan, David Coverdale and Ronnie James Dio who were courteous and open and a pleasure to talk to. If I'd have asked a crummy question, they were too professional to get arsey about it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone is a lesbian!

Anonymous said...

hello! smart woman!
you sound like a woman that loves a person but is too proud to acept it!
your questions are stupid and your comments more!
please, go and enjoy doing other things, not trying to change our opinions about bon jovi! he is great and will be great for me no matter what u ask him

Anonymous said...

She is not a smart woman, she could ask ANYONE those questions and they would give the same response. Especially if JBJ knew she was a massive pretentious ****, i'd give her sarky answers.

She just got trolled to be honest.

Anonymous said...

He is so so stupit. I hate his behaviour, I hate the way how he tald. . . .I could not get anything that I could like. He is useless and he is not constructive. The society especially young people can learn nothing from his. Better not to see or remember him. SICK OF BAD PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

leave him alone, his an amazing man, you people obiously dont have big enough minds or brain capasicty to see the deeper psycological sides to his answers. his lyrical words would do wonders if it wasnt for dumb asses who didnt understand, jeeze

Steve said...

She could have at least asked a question unique to him, and not ones which could've been put to anyone and had clearly been recycled. I'd have been a dick to her, and I don't even think he was. But then music critics are scum, especially ones who refer to themselves as "smart woman"..."does he know who he's talking to?"...even we don't.

Anonymous said...

Now, this idiot is trying to blame Steve Jobs for ruining the music business. No, Jon. It was ruined by greedy record companies, American Idol, and crap artists like yourself that churns out nothing but shallow, overproduced pop/rock crap. Now, go beat your head against the dashboard of your car until you pass out.

Thank you.

Rob S.

Anonymous said...

Jon has little tolerance for stupidity. One of the things I admire about him.

Anonymous said...

I was the biggest bon jovi fan for years, since 1986, even became a musician thanks to richie's guitar work, but over the years I had the opportunity to meet all of them a good few times here and there at hotels, shows, etc and it made me really quite sad to come to the conclusion that jon bon jovi is a business man pushing the bon jovi brand around the world raking up the dollars, yeah maybe once he might have been sincere, but I'm afraid that's all gone. He's running a business I'm afraid and we all bought into it, but since having talked to jon here and there over the years, where I've seen he isn't particularly pleasant to the fans, doesn't smile, looks pissed off all the time like you're bothering him, I then decided to distance myself from someone who says one thing in his lyrics and is the opposite in reality. A real shame, but a fact.

Anonymous said...

Liberals clashing with each other, priceless!