Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gwen Stefani's wee harem....woooh...aaaah...

Stefani: Pretend, you're all stupid, that's right, tee hee.

Recently, I have been thinking, probably far too much, for mine, and anyone else's liking, about Gwen Stefani and her wee harem of dancing Harajuku Girls . I know, you know, we all know what proper Harajuku Girls are right? We all have the Internet and are nerds, yes? For most of Gwen Stefani's videos I don't even know there's music happening, all I can think of is what could happen between Gwen Stefani and four hot Japanese girls.

But such implication isn't good enough for yon Stefani, oh no, she has to register a site called Harajuku Lovers dot com! the cheek! are we not all harajuku lovers? Do really need Gwen Stefani to tell us how hot Japanese girls are? Apparently so, check this from a Salon article:

They shadow her wherever she goes. They're on the cover of the album, they appear behind her on the red carpet, she even dedicates a track, "Harajuku Girls," to them. In interviews, they silently vogue in the background like living props; she, meanwhile, likes to pretend that they're not real but only a figment of her imagination. ...

Stefani has taken the idea of Japanese street fashion and turned these women into modern-day geisha, contractually obligated to speak only Japanese in public, even though it's rumored they're just plain old Americans and their English is just fine.

Holy fuck Gwen sort it out, I'd rather hear these four ladies talk than hear your hollaback girl, whow!, ah!, pirate jibber jabber, Margaret Cho should have the last word on this, anyway.

P.S. I might be like a year overdue with this post, but I've been thinking about this for a long time.

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Anonymous said...

Gwen and Harajuku Lovers are the best !