Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I have two words for you: Power Girl

A while back, bloggorah pointed out his little gem on U.S. dating site Sex Advice from Irish-Americans . It seems to be an ongoing column where unlikley people are asked for sex advice. Not all Irish people are gingers though, and I would love to see some real country Irish sex advice: 'always try and slip the hand on her arse during the second slow set at Applejacks rather than the first one', 'try to shift her after dancing to 'Black Betty' at the Oasis'.

My favorite so far is the sex advice from Comic-Store Clerks

Antonia, 26 answers: I want to dress up as a sexy comic superhero and seduce my boyfriend. Any advice?If you're busty, I have two words for you: Power Girl. It's a fairly easy costume to make. A good fallback plan is the new Super Girl costume — just don't wear any underwear.

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